A Word About Retainers

If you have braces or will be getting them in the near future, eventually the braces will come off and you will be able to see your teeth again. But just because the braces are off, that doesn’t mean the process is over. The braces put your teeth into alignment, and your retainer will make sure they stay there. Even though your teeth have been re-positioned, it takes time for the bone and and the ligaments to adjust. A retainer will keep your teeth in place while that readjustment occurs.

There are two basic types of retainers, fixed and removable. A fixed retainer is bonded to the the teeth, while a removable retainer can be taken out when necessary, such as during meals, for cleaning and at bedtime. However, if you have a removable retainer, it’s important that you wear it each day for the time your orthodontist prescribes.

If you have a fixed retainer, you need to make sure that you see your orthodontist and your dentist on a regular basis to check for cavities, clean away the tartar and plaque and to check on how the retainer is working. Removable retainers can be soaked in in a denture cleaning solution. With a removable retainer, regular dental visits are still a necessity.

Retainers can be expensive to replace. If you have a removable retainer you should carry your case with you so that you always have place to put the retainer if you need to take it out. But, it’s equally important that you keep the case in your pocket or bag so you don’t inadvertently leave it behind.

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