Wear a Mouth Guard If You Plan to Play Sports With Braces

Dr. Claudia Torok and our team want you to feel comfortable wearing your braces, especially if you are involved in sports. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about playing sports while wearing braces.

Do I need to give up sports while I wear braces?

No, you do not have to forego sports or delay orthodontic treatment during your sports season. Your braces should not get in the way of your performance.

How can I protect my braces?

You can protect your smile and braces from hard blows to the face by wearing a quality mouth guard. A mouth guard is a must regardless of the sport you play.

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard, especially an orthodontic mouth guard, is a removable and small appliance made of rubber or silicone that fits over your teeth and orthodontic appliance to provide protection during sporting events and practices. Mouth guards are available in many varieties, from stock and boil-and-bite to custom-made, and you can receive a customized mouth guard from our dentist.

What if my mouth or braces become damaged?

Contact Dr. Claudia Torok DDS MS and schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you receive a dental emergency. Emergencies such as bleeding gums, cuts inside your cheeks, fractured teeth, and damaged brackets can all be prevented when you wear a mouth guard.

To receive your custom-made mouth guard in Los Angeles, California, and learn more about protecting your smile and braces while wearing sports, you are welcome to call 310-670-5686 and schedule a time to speak with Dr. Claudia Torok.

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