You Should Never Attempt to Improvise Your Own Braces Repair

The braces hardware installed in your mouth at Dr. Claudia Torok’s orthodontic clinic, have been designed to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. Each of your routine adjustment appointments will tighten your braces to stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor each of your teeth in its socket. Over time this will bring your teeth into their ideal position and orientation.

When you chew gum, eat sticky, or hard foods, there is a chance that your braces could be damaged. If this happens, the tension on your braces and teeth could change. If it isn’t addressed in a timely manner it could increase the number of adjustments and the time needed to fully correct the alignment of your teeth.

Even if the damage to your braces is minor, you should not attempt to improve a repair. The tension applied to your braces can be complicated as all the elements work in concert with each other. It requires professional tools and training to repair or replace the affected component without harming your mouth.

If your damaged braces threaten your mouth with a sharp point, you can gently press it into a piece of orthodontic wax. If you don’t have any on hand you might be able to improvise with a piece of pencil eraser.

If you are in the Los Angeles, California, area and you have damaged braces, you should call 310-670-5686 to have it repaired at Dr. Claudia Torok DDS MS.

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