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Braces are good for your appearance as they straighten your pearly whites, but did you know they are also good for your oral health? At the orthodontic practice of Dr. Claudia Torok DDS MS located in Los Angeles, California, we work with our patients to create an aligned and healthy oral environment. Why does this matter? Unfortunately, teeth which are not aligning correctly can cause problems with your bite and jaw. So today we would like to take a look at some of the issues that can arise with a misaligned smile.

First, crooked or crowded teeth often cause problems with speaking properly. When this happens, patients often become self-conscious. With aligned teeth, you can feel confident about speaking clearly again. Another issue that develops with misaligned teeth is difficulty biting and chewing your food. But when the teeth fail to adequately prepare your food for the stomach, you may end up with digestive problems.

Pain is another factor you may incur with smile misalignment, as your jaw and jaw joints can be impacted. The result? You may find yourself with jaw pain, headaches, or even earaches.

And finally, when you have teeth that are crooked or crowded, cleaning them is often difficult. So with time, you are vulnerable to decay and gum disease. Not only that but with decay comes bone and gum erosion. Contributing to potential tooth decay is the irregular wearing of tooth enamel as the teeth don’t connect properly. So, as you can see, braces are a great investment in your protecting your oral health.

Aligning your smile with the help of our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Claudia Torok, will give you a healthier, beautiful smile. We invite you to reach out to our team at 310-670-5686 find out how your smile can benefit from orthodontics. Visit us at our Santa Monica or Los Angeles, CA, locations today.