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The natural alignment of your bite pattern influences your smile’s appearance, and can also have an increasing impact on the health of your teeth. Without proper correction by some form of orthodontic braces your teeth can be at increased risk for tooth enamel attrition, and dental fractures.

If it’s caught in a reasonable amount of time Dr. Claudia Torok and his orthodontic associates might be able to improve your dentition issues with a brand of clear plastic aligners like Invisalign®.

It comes in the form of clear plastic aligners that can effectively improve the alignment of your teeth in as little as six to eight weeks. The clear yet durable material makes it difficult for the casual observer to notice while they’re in your mouth.

Every two weeks you will need to switch to a different pair or custom aligners to gradually bring your teeth increasingly closer to their ideal position in your mouth.

After the deviations in your dentition have been fully corrected, you can stop wearing Invisalign®. However, there will still be a mild amount of tension lingering in the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in your gums. Left unchecked it could cause your teeth to relapse out of their new alignment.

To help prevent this from occurring Dr. Claudia Torok will likely fit you for a clear plastic retainer. The removable mouthpiece will be made from a soft, clear plastic material similar to the Invisalign® aligners.

You will need to use the retainer at the prescribed times. Cleaning and maintaining your clear plastic retainer each day will keep the total amount of time you need to use it to the bare minimum.

If you live in the Los Angeles, California, area and you have minor deviations in the alignment or your teeth, you should call 310-670-5686 to schedule an Invisalign® consultation at Dr. Claudia Torok DDS MS.