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An orthodontist will often recommend traditional braces to help correct misaligned teeth. This involves cementing small metal brackets onto the faces of the teeth. They will then be integrated with orthodontic wires, bands, spacers and other hardware components to create a system capable of affecting the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in place.

After installing the traditional braces you will need to return to see Dr. Claudia Torok for periodic adjustment sessions. Each of these appointments will tighten your braces to stretch your periodontal ligaments by minute degrees.

Consistent timing of these appointments is very important. If you have a scheduling conflict you should contact Dr. Claudia Torok DDS MS as soon as possible to set up an alternate time.

Each adjustment session also includes a cursory inspection of the braces hardware. If you’ve noticed excess wear and tear on a piece of braces hardware, you should tell our orthodontist at the start of the appointment.

Maintaining a healthy mouth is also very important. Gum disease and cavities could complicate the realignment process and increase the amount of time it takes to achieve the ideal alignment of your teeth.

If you have been having trouble brushing or flossing a specific area, you might want to try using an interdental brush, floss threader or a water flosser device. These special oral hygiene tools can help clean around contours of your braces hardware.

If you live in the Los Angeles, California, area and have alignment issues with your teeth, we invite you to call 310-670-5686 to schedule a braces consultation at Dr. Claudia Torok DDS MS.